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Am I now paying for guest parking?

No! Your guests can continue to park exactly like they have in the past – for free. Zark is a hassle free way to know that when you arrive to your apartment home there will be a Zarking Spot that is convenient to your home AND reserved for you – it takes the stress and hassle out of driving around the community looking for that ever elusive parking spot.

Does Zark affect my own reserved parking space(s)?

No. Zark does not change anything about your included reserved space or existing uncovered guest parking. Zark is simply adding available vacant covered spaces that otherwise would not have been used. All previous parking protocol will continue as usual.

Can I find out which spot I’m going to get before I pay?

No. Your spot will not be assigned until your payment has been processed.

What happens if I get to a space and another car is already parked there

Report the problem in the app, and we will instantly reassign you to the closest spot available. You also have the option to request a refund.

Tap. Park. Zark.

Zarking is the easiest thing you’ll do all day. From the ease of our app, to the peace of mind that a parking challenge has been easily and affordably handled, we make sure that your experience is simple, seamless, and satisfying.